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Yacht charter France and Corsica and Cote Azur
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Yacht Charter
France + Corsica

Atlantic coast, Cote Azur, Corsica
so different minds and even cultures
summarized under one flag

- yacht charter France and Corsica, opposites close together -

Yacht charter France and Corsica

with a very active sailing scene on both the Atlantic and the Côte Azur. Very successful regatta sailors and corresponding high-tech yacht yards. A particularly large range of yachts for charter, as the charter companies were able to buy and write off more cheaply thanks to a special leasing model subsidized by the state.
At the Atlantic, please note the strong to extreme tidal range, which is one of the highest in the world, and the tidal currents generated by it, which can make you go backwards under full sails if you haven't calculated correctly.
No area for beginners. There, please, in France in the Mediterranean.
Savoir vivre on the Côte Azur with many small beautiful harbors and very good food.

is something special - and always wanted to be. Its history of the occupations since antiquity is therefore also the history of the attempts at liberation by the proud Corsicans.
Notoriously dangerous winds in the south of the island. In the north, the mistral should not be underestimated either.


The rough Atlantic coast and the lovely Cote Azur.


The Corsican are special and proud.
Defending your way of life and your own culture has not been easy.

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