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Yacht charter Seychelles - the last paradise
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this is paradise - the yacht charter Seychelles

A paradise on land and under water

for yacht charter Seychelles

. The capital Mahé is alive - everything else is protected nature

... and then without mosquitoes - what more could you want?

The Seychelles stand for an absolutely exemplary nature conservation program.
Here it was understood that the only business that generates foreign currency is the consistent preservation of the unique nature.
In the tropics of the Indian Ocean, the best travel time is from May to October. Then constant winds prevail without any major surprises. The water is always very pleasantly warm.
In general, the Seychelles - thank God - are not overcrowded, which is probably also due to the price level.
But in return you get protected nature, an absolutely unique world of animals and plants.
The restaurants and hotels buy directly from the fish markets or from fishermen.
Top quality fruit and fish are the healthiest diet.

The Seychelles have been on the route of the Arab merchant ships since the Middle Ages. Later this paradise with its spices aroused the interest of European explorers.
As is so often the case in these times, all colonial powers were here once and it was not until 1976 that the Seychelles became independent.
As a station of the spice trade, the mixtures of cultures show the diversity to this day and the religions live together peacefully here.

The islands of the group are scattered, which has not made it easier to manage the environment either - but it has succeeded. And this as a global model.
The individual islands are sorted by size:
- Mahé (154 km²) (capital and administrative center and international airport)
- Praslin (38 km²) La Digue (10 km²)
- Silhouette (20 km²)
- Île du Nord (2 km²)
- Frégate (2 km²)
- Île Aride (1 km²)
- Bird Island (1 km²)
- Île Denis (1.4 km²).

One of the last paradises

Strict, functioning environmental protection.
Fantastic nature

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