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Yacht charter Turkey - the cost from north to south
Charter Areas

Yacht charter Turkey - from Istanbul to Antalya

from North to south with all the nice inlets

The main route is north-south.
The many bays extending to the east should not be underestimated as a sailor, as especially in summer strong gusts break in unexpectedly from the north. Therefore reef early when entering.
Fish is particularly cheap if it is the widely farmed, but still good, sea bream. The traditional cuisine is still to be found and then also very interesting. In general, everyone on the Mediterranean coast is very hospitable.

Bodrum as a former intellectual city ("gues what") is cosmopolitan just like Marmaris.
A few kilometers into the hinterland and time is turned back.

Please always inform yourself about the current political situation.

the Turkish coast

Marmaris and Bodrum

are part of a western-oriented Turkey, which changes very quickly to a more traditional way of life in the hinterland

Yacht charter Turkey - friendly private people - very good food - cheap fish

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