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Yacht charter Netherlands - fast to reach from Germany
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Yachtcharter Holland

Enjoy the Yacht charter Netherlands

Yacht charter Friesland

Yacht charter Sneek

Yacht charter Ijsselmeer

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Yacht charter Friesland

More than just tulips and cheese

Friendly, tolerant people - great museums - unique landscapes

Most of Netherlands was wrested from the sea. That is why you see so many dikes, drainage canals and windmills, especially in Friesland.
The IJsselmeer was once completely open to the high seas.
Almost all of Netherlands is still below sea level. Hence the name Netherlands.
The canals for drainage also became transport routes from the North Sea to the hinterland, which were connected with the resulting lakes to form a huge area of ​​water in the interior of the country.
Here you can rent a houseboat and discover everything comfortably.

Sneek, Lemmer, Friesland or Roermond o.a. - everything was once the Wadden Sea. Also Sneek, where you can now rent a boat and discover the area.

A country with great explorers, which resulted in a seafaring nation in the international competition for the best sea routes to interesting spices and other goods. The trading posts established in the distance became colonies.
The traditions from there were carried to Netherlands, which makes the Netherlands one of the most cosmopolitan and tolerant countries today, from which many can learn something.
In Amsterdam, see the houses of returning captains and traders side by side in the famous canals.

Even the construction of ships and yachts can be counted among the best in the world today thanks to the long experience and particularly conscientious work ethic of the Dutch. Our network "yachtheaven-group.com" has always carried out all yacht projects in Holland.
And to match that, we have never had any complaints from our customers in Holland. That’s something special.

For us, the Dutch also have the most beautiful harbors, because the seafarers always like to come back home to the cosiness of the small pubs and coffee shops.

Netherlands was also known for the most expensive tulips in the world, which on a special trade exchange sometimes reached the value of twenty single-family houses -! for a single onion!

the Ijsselmeer

Underestimated in terms of seafaring because almost everywhere closed, but with sometimes violent winds

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Die North Sea

the islands and the coast

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the inland canals and lakes

Great scenery - ideal for families with houseboat charter

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