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Yacht charter Mallorca and Balearic Islands
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Yacht Charter Mallorca Menorca Ibiza

from very lively to pure nature - depending on your taste
Your yacht charter Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza
- party or wildlife -

Whether you charter a yacht from Palma / Mallorca or Ibiza mostly depends on the available flights.
In this area, too, do not underestimate the sea between the three large islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.
It is often uncomfortable here at sea, especially in spring and autumn.
Due to the many private yachts and charter companies in Mallorca, the offer is large and the technical service is very professional.

The Balearic Islands were ruled by many different cultures and religions. This leads to the variety of architectural styles, ways of life and language.
The dialects of some areas are so different that they are seen as their own language. Relations with mainland Spain were also always formal.

If you just want to experience endless beaches, you should go to Formentera - the whole island is a single beach.

The main season is from February to November with over 320 days of sun per year.
From Germany you can reach Mallorca very quickly by plane.


The Metropole".

Lively starting point for several different conceptions of vacation.


more crowded


nature pure

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